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As a small business that has big dreams of sustainability, we understand that there will always be more to learn, challenges to overcome and new ways to grow, evolve and adapt when it comes to the fashion industry. We are committed to being transparent with our customers and having open and honest conversations about how we are focused on responsible production and limiting our environmental impact. We truly believe that it is possible to create beautiful things whilst making the best decisions that we can for our community and our planet, and we look forward to taking you along on our journey.




One of the most important elements of our brand identity is that we have chosen to manufacture 100% of our goods on Australian shores, supporting our local community and textile industry. We proudly work with a small manufacturer in Melbourne - The Sample Room, who is accredited by ‘Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA)’ which is a true testament to their high standards. This ensures we can be confident that every person in our supply chain is paid appropriately, has safe working conditions and that the rights of our garment workers are protected. We are also extremely conscious about not wanting to create excess waste, and choose to manufacture in small production runs. Doing this not only enables us to focus on providing high quality garments but ensures that we are only making enough to meet the demand of our customers and establishing a zero-waste production environment.   




100% of the fabrics that we use are natural, biodegradable and sustainably sourced. Fabrics that are of the highest quality, that come from the earth and won’t take multiple lifetimes to break down.


LINEN - Linen is one of the most naturally occurring sustainable fibres, coming from the flax plant and requiring no pesticides or irrigation/additional water to grow.

We use 100% Linen that is sourced from a family owned business in Sydney, and has been ‘Standard 100 OEKO-TEX approved’. This ensures that there are no harmful chemical substances in the finished fabric before it arrives at our manufacturer and the fabric is therefore harmless to human health, unlike man-made fibres such as polyester.

Linen is also known as the worlds strongest natural fibre and is far more durable than cotton. It is highly breathable and hypoallergenic, meaning moisture cannot build up in the fabric so it won’t hold any bacteria.


SILK - Silk is a natural fabric that has one of the lowest carbon footprints available and requires no pesticides to grow. It is also one of the strongest fabrications, meaning it will last for years to come and add to the overall quality of the garment.

We use 100% Silk Satin that is sourced from a family owned business in Sydney, and has been ‘Standard 100 OEKO-TEX approved’. This ensures that there are no harmful chemical substances in the finished fabric before it arrives at our manufacturer.

Silk is also thermo-regulating and adapts to your ever changing body temperature. This makes it the perfect fabric for both summer and winter, and ensures you can wear your beautiful pieces all year round.




At LA-ZE STUDIOS all of our packaging is is responsibly sourced from fellow Australian business and is 100% recyclable and low impact.

All orders are shipped in biodegradable and compostable packaging from 'Better Packaging Co' which when composted breaks down in 3-6 months, as opposed to the 300 years it would take for a normal plastic mailer. Our labels are also biodegradable, meaning that the whole package can easily be composted with little hassle to the customer. 


Our swing tags are made from recycled cardboard, and all of our orders are wrapped in recycled tissue paper which we keep to a minimum, using only what is necessary to reduce waste on the consumer side. For our ‘Thank You’ cards and stickers, we use ‘Sustainable Printing Co’ which prints on 100% post consumer waste recycled stocks, and takes a genuine approach to reducing their environmental footprint.

As a small business, we believe that it is our responsibility to make an ethical choice when it comes to our packaging and although these choices are all small we want to ensure that every aspect of our supply chain reflects our brand mission.




Everything we do is centred around slow fashion principles. We want to create limited collections with timeless styles and designs, so that they they never feel outdated and can hold a treasured place in your wardrobe for a lifetime or eventually get passed down to friends or loved-ones.

We don’t believe that fashion should be mass produced and churned out on a weekly or monthly basis, or that there should be any place for synthetics or plastics in clothing. We also don’t believe in sales and discounting, reducing the value of an item at the end of the season just to make room for something similar to come out in the next cycle. No consumer based business will ever be perfect, but traditional fashion calendars have been outdated for a long time, and we would like to see more brands moving towards slower production, considered product creation and ethical manufacturing.

We have put a strong emphasis on our styles being season-less and holding full value even after the season ends. Every style is constructed and finished with the utmost quality and care by our Australian manufacturer, and we don’t want to contribute to the fast fashion cycle by reducing the value of our pieces just because 6 months have passed. We strongly feel that consumers are starting to care about where their garments are made, who makes them, the quality of the fabrications and the corporate and social responsibilities of the brands that they are buying from and we will do our best to be part of the education of what it takes to create a truly responsible brand.

Ultimately, sustainability and conscious design lies at the heart of LA-ZE STUDIOS and we are committed to being transparent with our customers, supporting the Australian textile industry and making the best decisions we possibly can throughout our business to to support our planet and community. We understand the impact that we have on our environment as a brand and are devoted to responsible business practices to ensure we are always striving to be better.




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